Culture Prawn

Vannamei Prawn

Another Name: Whiteleg shrimp
Size Range: 10pcs/kg,15-20pcs/kg,40pcs/kg
Packing(in bulk): 10; 15; 25 kgs per box
Method of Catch: Coracle,Thermocol raft, Box trap, Gill net, Cast net
Fishing Zone: FAO 051


Product Description

Vannamei Prawn, or more commonly known as the white prawn, is sweet tasting, has a firm structure, and are a rich source of protein. They are grayish white and turn pink when cooked. These are already de-shelled for your convenience with tail on for better visual presentation.

These prawns are really an easy ingredient to work with! They are delicious on their own, can be cooked in a myriad of ways. Grilled shirmps on skewers, tossed in salad, served as shrimp cocktail, fried with rice and noodles – there are just so much you can do with them!